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"Cultural Intelligence as a Concept to Apprehend Resistance to ERP Implementation"
Régis Meissonier, Liette Lapointe, Emmanuel Houzé
34th International Conference on Information Systems, 15-18 décembre 2013, Milan, Italy
Our proposed research project aims at providing knowledge on how cultural misfits can be identified and managed throughout IS implementations. More precisely, our study aims at studying the role of cultural intelligence in managing ERP implementation, according to three analysis levels: national, organizational and local. From this perspective, we posit that ERP acceptance/resistance cannot be reduced to use behaviors taken at face value but that they must be analyzed considering their underlying cultural dimensions. By developing a theoretical explanation of ERP implementation using the concept of "cultural intelligence", this research will contribute to extant theories of culture and resistance. It should also help managers to better deal with observed misfits between organizational values and IT project, so that it does not ultimately become an obstacle to user acceptance.