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"Business Intelligence and Absorptive Capacity of information by wineries in the Provence wine industry"
Coralie Haller, Serge Amabile, Régis Meissonier
6th Academy of Wine Business Research International conference, 9-10 juin 2011, Bordeaux, France
By referring back to the researches relative to the "Absorptive Capacity", this article examines the way in which the actors' capacity of attention is distributed among various business intelligence systems they have. A qualitative research has been conducted with fourteen organizations in the Provence wine industry. Results reveal that these wineries give only little attention to information coming from professional organisms. However, they favor information collected through formal and informal relations they maintain in their current activity with other companies of industry. The discussion part associates the results with the model of ACAP. The information sources absorption by the wineries is the consequence of their “experience” with other actors of their environment (suppliers, customers, competitors, etc.), rather than the consequence of the integration mechanisms set up by the professional organisms.
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