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Hind Benbya, Régis Meissonier, Nassim Belbaly
40th Hawaii International Conference System Science, 7-10 janvier 2007, Waikoloa, Big Island, Hawaii, USA
New product development (NPD) projects require efficient strategies for reducing time to market and responding faster and better to the customer needs. While these strategies were mostly technology driven at the early stages, nowadays firms are adopting more and more a knowledge management approach based on the use of knowledge management system (KMS) that enhance the creation of new customer knowledge and NPD performance. Despite these significant benefits, there is a variance that occurs concerning the variety in the extent of efforts that firm deploy for customer knowledge creation to achieve NPD performance. This is because not all the firms can put together the right resources to achieve NPD performance. In this study, the authors develop a research model that identifies (1) the impact of the KMS factors on customer knowledge creation process and NPD performance, (2) the elements that interconnects KMS factors (such as enablers), customer knowledge creation process, and NPD performance (3) the outcomes that are generated by this approach.