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"ERP implementation legitimation: a Comparaison Canada - Thailand"
Régis Meissonier, Liette Lapointe, Emmanuel Houzé
Journal of Decision Systems, 2015, vol. 24, n°4, pp. 318-338
For more than 15 years, large and small and medium enterprises have been investing in Enterprises Systems. Gradually, ERPs turned out to become worldwide standards IT in most of business sectors. However, a large part of these investments are associated to failing or counter-performance results in organisations. As a consequence, ERPs got a reputation deficit likely to jeopardize users' acceptance. However, despite their potential reluctance and resistance, organisations continue to implement ERP and in IS literature, there is a lack of research about the way to manage IT projects legitimacy with stakeholders. In this perspective, the article identifies and analyses the decisions made by managers to get and maintain the support of the stakeholders all along the project to ensure its achievement. The empirical part presents and compares two cases studies in high-different sociocultural contexts: a North American University and a company based in Thailand. Qualitative data collected from the semi-structured interviews with the project managers allowed us to identify the way the ERP adoption decisions were associated to pragmatic, moral and cognitive legitimation actions. Then, the article introduces the legitimation trajectory concept as a key principle of change management.
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DOI: 10.1080/12460125.2015.1046719
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