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: Shivam Gupta

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Titre :Implementation and Management of Technology and Operations Management: Examining the Impact of Cloud ERP on Organizational Performance
Affiliation :MRM, Université de Montpellier
Soutenance :07/06/2019
Directeur :Régis Meissonier
Professeur des Universités, Université de Montpellier

Rapporteurs :Mihalis Giannakis
Professeur, Audencia Business School

Samuel Fosso Wamba
Professeur, Toulouse Business School

Dimitry Ivanov
Professeur, Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR Berlin), Germany

Suffragants :Anis Khedhaouria
Professeur, Montpellier Business School

Résumé :

This dissertation synthesizes our work on understanding the implementation and management of technology and operations management. The work undertaken in the research journey of 6 years can be described under four broad themes namely - (1) Industry 4.0, (2) Supply Chain Management, (3) Circular Economy and (4) Sustainability. Industry 4.0, the right blend of knowledge and technology, has already changed the business perspective at exceptional levels. Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which is part of the cloud operations and one of the four major pillars of industry 4.0, helps to attain higher levels of sustainable performance. Organizations invest a considerable portion of time and money to acquire tangible and intangible capabilities to pace up the requirements of industry 4.0. Big Data Predictive Analysis (BDPA) capabilities are treated as a modern-day tool to complement the requirement of modern industries. Past studies have shown the radical expansion in literature related to big data analytics in supply chain management operations. There is an evident relationship between BDPA, and organizational performance can be seen in past studies. A whole lot of research has proceeded in the direction of bifurcating the actual characteristics of performance. The current study (1) investigates the linkage between enablers of industry 4.0 (cloud ERP) and sustainable organizational performance, and (2) the effect of control variables on sustainable performance. 209 samples were considered from operationally diverse technologically driven organizations which were tested empirically to validate the conjecture through research framework. Our work generates several theoretical and methodological insights that can help further future doctoral research projects.

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