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Title: Cultural intelligence for ERP implementation: a thai corporation case study
Authors:Régis Meissonier, Emmanuel Houzé, Véronique Bessiere, Eric Stéphany
Conference:10th International Conference on Information Systems and Technology Management
Date:12-14 June 2013
Location:Sao Paulo, Brazil
Abstract: A large part of existing literature on ERP implementation is based on the theories of "fit" between firm properties and IT prerequisites in terms of process integration. Among these properties, cultural differences perceived by users can be considered as the main constraining mis-alignement because referring to the persons' values as to the underlying ones induced by the ERP to be implemented. However, little research has been done about the way those cultural mis-fits can be managed. In this perspective, this article uses the "cultural intelligence" concept as theoretical lens and relates the results provided by a qualitative research done in a thaï corporation. The interviews conducted with the ERP project managers illustrate how they used some of the Buddhist principles to force employees to accept changes involved.
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