Qualitative Research

Public:Master of Burapha University, Thailand

Course overview

Existing MBA and Master degrees in management tend to assign students a research dissertation related to their professional project. This initiation aims to familiarize students with research methodologies to analyze managerial challenges or issues. In this perspective, this course provides knowledge about qualitative methodologies recommended for research project dissertation.

Students must perceive and understand philosophical and technical aspects associated with the qualitative methodologies they can apply. Epistemological considerations turns out to be prerequisites to capture potential contributions and limitations inherent to any qualitative research. At the end of the course, students are expected to decide which methodology ought to be used according to their research subject.

Teaching and learning methods

The course largely uses article analysis method to illustrate theoretical concepts. This method presents the advantage of preparing the case directly during the class. By this way, students are encouraged to express their opinions, experiences and comments on the subject. The discussion takes the form of a debate on questions like "to your mind, what are the pros and cons?", or "what would have you done if you had been in the shoes of the researcher?". Because of the international background of the class, foreign students are also invited to participate by explaining cultural specificities of their own countries and their consistency to concepts presented.